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Let the beauty of South America surprise you, seduce you, impress you and may it steal your heart for ever.

Highroad San Pedro to Uyuni

Travels in South America

We are specialists in excepcional travel and offer all kind of spectacular travel in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru. Discover the extreme beauty and diversity of the extended and empty southern part of South America. Find your inspiration to travel along this beautiful part of South America. 

Visit the best places

Whether your goal is the beautiful desolated Andean flat, impressive geysers, deep blue glaciers, the Uyuni Salt Flat, Inca Ruins, the extended steppe, ancient Indian cultures, Andean wildlife, we will lead you to the best places to find your goal and  teach you everything you want to know about your  

Highroad San Pedro to Uyuni

Let us make your travel dreams come true

destiny. Do you want to know how to move safe in unknown cities, where to find the best local food, where to buy the best wine, where to encounter a local bar, where to taste the best pisco sour, where to find a splurge for dinner? 

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We know the places and we will lead you to the best ones. We will make sure you have the best travel experience in South America. Come with us to make your travel dreams come true. Go Beyond Horizons.