Travels in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru



Car rental

In some parts of Chile and Argentina it can be a great value hit the road with a rented car. So you can explore for example Torres del Paine in an easy and interesting way. We will advise you which car will be suitable for the journey you will make. 

Pick up and drop off rented car

There are several places where you can pick up your rented car and it is not necesarry to drop it off at the same rental station. However, you have to decide in advance where to pick up your car and where to drop off. Returning the car to another rental station will generate extra costs, the drop off costs which we will calculate in your quotation.


Road conditions varies by part of the country and distances are extensive. It is easy to miscalculate on time and distance. In Chile and Argentina some roads are still unpaved, but normally in reasonable to good situation. If you travel with us in a rented car, you will recieve good road descriptions and traveltimes. In some regions it is advisable to rent a 4x4. It is alowed driving on unpaved road. Off road driving is everywhere forbidden.

Border crossing

You can cross the Argentina-Chile border in a rented car, but only when your car has its border document. So you have to decide in advance, to be able to carry the adecuate border document. This document generates extra costs, which we will calculate in your quotation.


We offer car rental in Argentina and Chile. In these lands you have to exert the same precautions as you do in Europe in safety on the road and safety pertaining your car. We will inform you about deviating traffic rules and you will receive the most important safety instructions.

Zero own risk insurance

When renting a car, you will be confronted with an own risk on damage such as broken tires and windows, damage at bottom and top ends of a car, and other damages not covered by a standard insurance. To avoid these costs  come for your own account, there are possibilities to lower your own risk by bying an extra insurance. We can informe you.

Age, drivers licence, credit card

- Minimum average age of driver is 25 years.
Valid driving license is madatory. It is recommended to bring an international driving license.

- You will have to leave credit card details at the rental station to cover own risk and garanty.
- On car rental, the terms of the car rental are applicable.