Travels in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru



Practical details

What to bring, visa regulations, climate, medicine, safety, money matters, here you will find some details.

Ahu Akivi, Easter Island


To make the most of your trip, it is important to take the necessary preparations at home. Be prepared for weather conditions, passport- and visa regulations, health precautions, money matters, etc. Each country has its own migration laws, health- and money matters and each region counts with its own climate. These pages will give you some information, but ask as well your embassy for passport- and visa regulations, your health-organization for health precautions and your financial institutions for money matters. Be prepared to avoid problems while travelling.

What you really need

Try to travel light. What you don´t bring you neither have to carry nor to take care of.


Thermic underwear
- Scarf and gloves
- Lip balm

All countries

- Flees
- Rain jacket
- Good (hiking)shoes
- Daypack
- Swimwear
- Sunglasses
- Sunscreen 30-50
- Mosquito repellent
- Cap or hat
- Credit card

La Boca, Buenos Aires


- Walking sticks

Baggage Rules airlines

Airlines usually allow one piece of luggage up to 20 kilograms. For domestic flights, different luggage limits may apply. Be informed.

Debit card

Be sure the international blockade for your debit card is cancelled.

Credit card

Some hotels require a credit card for minibar- and telephone guarantee. Also, car rental require a credit card as a deposit.

Sustainable tourism

Tourism is the largest industry in the world, with an enormous potential for economic growth and employment. Unfortunately, tourism also causes negative effects on nature and local cultures. Go Beyond Horizons is aware of this and does the utmost to realise its vision: creating a sustainable platform for traveling in which both traveller and receiving country find their benefits. Go Beyond Horizons is committed to the responsible use of culture, nature and the environment. We adhere as much as possible to cultural codes and expect the same from our travellers

Country specified details

Read more country specified details for ArgentinaBoliviaChile and Peru and prepare your journey well.