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The southern part of south America has become a highly popular destination for both Group as Individual traveling.

Takesi Trail, Bolivia

Group Travel

Go Beyond Horizons has been operating on this continent for more than 10 years, gaining extensive knowledge of all the places to visit and how to arrange and lead group travel. 

We can arrange different and special types of travel with the accent on culture, nature, sport, education or business and each journey is exclusively designed to serve the needs and wishes of the group and its individual members. 

We can build a complete travel plan or help you concretize your ideas. We know the best places and the less travelled routes. Our goal is to fulfil your travel dream.

Llamas, Peru

Individual Travel

The individual traveler more and more finds its way to South America. Traveling on individual base is no longer difficult. There are good transport connections and good opportunities for self-drive. 

Go Beyond Horizons has an extensive knowledge of the region and all the contacts necessary to design and fulfil your travel plan. You will receive a complete description of the route with recommendations for your journey, travel vouchers, maps, etc. All you have to do is follow your route and enjoy the extreme beauty of the southern part of South America and not worrying about any technical aspect of your journey!

Peninsula Valdes, Argentina


Go Beyond Horizons offers a wide variety of tours. Whether you interest is culture, nature, wildlife, adventure or food, we can complete your journey with a great excursion experience. 

We organize city tours in several cities, wine tours, hiking tours, bike tours, walking on glaciers, coocking classes, cultural tours, BBQ´s, multiple day tours to various destinations, etc. Depending the number of participants, tours can be private based or operated in a group. Our guides are professional and passionate and will make each tour to a unique and precious experience.

Titicaca Lake


We can arrange all your airport- and other transfers. Keep in mind that arriving in an unknown city can cause stress, for example: where to find a reliable, decent priced cab or having to negotiate in a different maybe unknown language. 

To avoid hassle, arrange your transfer ahead with us. So you are sure someone is awaiting you and will bring you without problems to your destination. Safe and adequately. Always travel wise and safe.