Travels in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru




The desert and the starry skies in the north, the wine yards around Santiago de Chile, the lakes middle-south and the steppe in the far south, the long and narrow Chile has it all.

Complete routes

Check the possibilities for ready made and custom build itineraries for both Group- and Individual travel. We give you some examples. You can use our examples as a starting point for your travels. You can add and omit whatever you want, include excursions, car rental, etc. It is your journey and we want it to be completely yours.

Cajon del Maipo hikes

Cajon del Maipo 3 hikes

Just 30 km away from busy Santiago the Chile you will find the entrance to the beautiful Maipo valley. It is famous for its extensive nature, fresh air and local dishes. Deeper into the valley the landscape becomes wilder mountain area. You are far away from the city with only nature surrounding you.

Cajon del Maipo selfdrive

Cajon del Maipo self drive

Spend a beautiful three days in the lovely Maipo valley. Take your car from Santiago de Chile and drive yourself to snowcapped mountains, glaciers, termal bathes, rivers and waterfalls. Do like the Chilean and have a late sunday lunch. You can camp out here or use hotel- or cabinservices.

Carretera Austral, National Park Queulat

Carretera Austral

Explore this beautiful area with clean and clear water lakes, lots of fish, snow mountains, thermal baths, hospitable people and a rich local kitchen driving yourself from place to place. You will be overwhelmed by the beauty and emptiness of this region.



Enjoy the wonderful nature in Patagonian inlets and channels. You will encounter a lot of glaciers ending in the water. You will sail along huge deep blue icebergs. Porbably you will see whales, penguins, sea-lions. Make a Patagonian dream come true.

boats workshop Ancud


Famous for its wooden churches, its small scale boat industry, its traditional fishing and its excellent sea food, Chiloe is a fine destination for a daytrip. You may be able to spot some sea lions and penguins crossing to the island. And the black neck swan.

Ranu Raraku, Easter Island

Easter Island

Discover the secrets of the Rapa Nui and the Moai in 2 day tours around the mystical Easter Island. You wil visit the most beautiful and interesting places of het island. You will learn about Moai, Tongariki, Orongo and a lot of other places.



Stay overnight in one of the sheep farms in remote Patagonia. Meet the Magellan gauchos, learn about the life on an estancia, treat yourself with a lamb barbecue and a good glass of Chilean wine.

Isla Magdalena

Isla Magdalena

Nice colony of Magellan penguins on Isla Margarita, an island close to Punta Arenas. You can walk amidst the penguins and depending the season see them guard their eggs or feed their young.

Elqui valley

La Serena/Elqui/Vicuña

Take a few days to discover this beautiful region in the Coquimbon region. La Serena with its white beaches and nice climate, Elqui with its special energy and starry skies and colonial Vicuña where time stood still.

Doña Rosario, Mapuche, Pucon

Mapuche Culture

Tour to get to know Mapuche-culture. Learn how Mapuche live, work their lands, practice their language and their rituals, celebrate their parties, play their sport palin. Enjoy a typical Mapuche lunch.

Pablo Neruda`s houses

Pablo Neruda`s legacy

Chiles most famous writer and poet. He left behind 3 beautiful houses with surprising collections. La Chascona in Santiago de Chile, La Sebastiana in Valparaiso and Isla Negra in Isla Negra. Visit them all in a one-day tour.

Moon valley

San Pedro de Atacama

Enjoy Moon- and Mars-valley, float in a salty lake Cejar, visit geyser Tatio, mountain lakes, count thousands of flamingos. Or take the high road through the high Andean falt to Uyuni on a 3 or 4-day life time experience.

High road San Pedro a Uyuni

San Pedro de Atacama to Uyuni

3 days/2 nights or 4 days/3 nights, crossing the high Andean flat from Chile to Bolivia. Passing beautiful mountain lakes with 1000th of flamengos, geysers, volcanos, an empty landscape, llamas, thermal baths. A must-do.

Reflection Santa Lucia hill

Santiago de Chile

Plan a city walk to enjoy the city, eat a paila marina at the central market, climb Santa Lucia and San Cristobal for some astonishing views, try a mote con huesillo, drink a coffee in a cafe with legs. Experience Santiago de Chile.

Valle Nevado

Snow tours

Beautiful winter-time excursions to the snow. Only 40 km from Santiago de Chile. Good possibilities for skiing. Or just enjoy a nice winter-day with some snow-and-ice-fun, a good Chilean meal and a fine wine with a view. 

Reflexion los Cuernos, Torres del Paine

Torres del Paine

Do some amazing hiking in the extreme beauty of this national park. Walk up a 1000 meters to encounter the Towers of Paine, brave the wind at glacier Grey, hike the French Valley. Or do it all in the W or the circuit. 



Nice day tour to Valparaiso and Viña del Mar at the beautiful Pacific Coast. Valparaiso houses some fine hills with colouful houses and a lot of beautiful wall-paintings. You can stroll through the narrow streets. Or embark a tour along the coast to see sea-lions. 

Volcano Villarica

Volcano Villarica

Climb the almost 3000 meter high snow-capped and active Villarica volcano in Pucon. Take a look inside the crater. Enjoy the wonderful view of the surrounded volcanos from the top. And slide all the way down. It is an experience never to forget.

Winerie Undurraga


Take a break of Santiago and visit some of the wonderful wineries in the valleys surrounding the city of Santiago de Chile. Besides the conventional wines you can taste the typical Chilean Caramenere or choose for more upgrade premium wines.