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Boliva counts with a surprisingly divers nature, lots of historical and cultural sites and a colourfull population.

Complete routes

Check the possibilities for ready made and custom build itineraries for both Group- and Individual travel. We give you some examples. You can use our examples as a starting point for your travels. You can add and omit whatever you want, include excursions, car rental, etc. It is your journey and we want it to be completely yours.



Chacaltay means ´bridge of winds´ or ´winds meeting point´. It belongs with an elevation of 5421 meter to the Cordillera Real. The glacier on Chacaltay served as Bolivian´s only ski-resort. It was the world´s highest lift-served ski area. Now it is abandoned.
Golf Club Mallasilla La Paz

Golf Club Mallasilla La Paz

Another world´s highest, the La Paz Golf Club, at 3342 meter. On this altitude Golf requires endurance. The Golf Club is situated in beautiful surroundings. Only entrance as an experienced golfer. You will get a certificate that you played on the world´s highest golf court.
La Paz

La Paz
Visit the vibrating government center of Bolivia, here is where the business takes place. La Paz is beautifully located in a 500 meter deep bowl with astonishing views from the high flat. Stroll the narrow hilly street, visit the witch market and enjoy a peña.

Sun Island

Sun Island
Take a 2 day tour to Sun Island, where according to Inca tradition the Manca Capac, the first Inca, was born as well as the sun. Walk over the Island´s ridge from north to south and enjoy the relaxing silence of an Island without any trafic.

Llamas as beast of burden at the Takesi trail

Takesi Trail

Hike the 3 day Takesi Trail from de old san Fransisco mine up to 4900 meter and down through villages and continuously changing landscape to Yanacachi at 1800 meter. You will descend from rocky mountain area to yunga almost jungle.

Tihuanaco, Sungate

Close to lake Titicaca you will find this beautiful pre-Inca site. It belongs to the Tihuanaco culture which flourished between 300 BC and 300 AD. Some nice structures are the remnants of this lost culture.