Travels in Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru



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We concentrate our travels and tours on the southern part of South America, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru.

Gacier Perito Moreno


Argentina with the surface of half Europe, with less than 40 million inhabitants and one third of the population living in and around Buenos Aires, makes the countryside very little inhabited. 

Enjoy open spaces

North, south, west, you will travel through open space with endless views covered with fancy skies. Argentina houses a lot of different habitats.  

Taste the famous steaks

Argentina is famous for its big and great steaks. Order them with chimichuri. 

Dance the night away

And don`t miss the tango, its typical singing, music and dance. 

Train cemetery Uyuni


Bolivia borders with Argentina and Chile. The country lies for a great part on the high Andean flat, in some places over 4500 meters altitude. Here the air is clean and thin and skies in Bolivian winter a deep and intens colour blue.

Mountains and jungle

Travelling through Bolivia you may find jungle, yungas, the Andean flat and beautiful snowcapped mountains, huge open spaces, lakes and colourful people. 

Meat Quechuas and Aymaras

Bolivia houses a big Indian population, almost 60% of the people has pure Indian blood. Most of them are Quechua and Aymara but there are a lot of different smaller Indian groups in Bolivia.

Los Cuernos, Torres del Paine


Chile is Argentina`s thin neighbour. The country is longer but narrow, in some parts less than 20 km.

Deserts, valleys and glaciers

Chile houses its desert in the north, its wineries in the central valley and its lakes and glaciers in the south and all along the country the rough Pacific-shore with its white waves and intens blue waters. 

Count the sheep

And of course, the endless steppe, homeland of the Patagonian sheep. Chile is famous for its pisco sour. And its wide variety of fresh fish and seafood. Try a paila marina. You won`t regret.

Valley Colca


Peru houses some mystical wonders like the Nazca Lines, Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu, all surrounded by mythical stories and a lot of unknown facts. 

More to offer than Machu Picchu

Most people head directly for Machu Picchu. But Peru has a lot more to offer. Visit the Huacachina oasis, the white city of Arequipa, the Colca Valley with its population of Andes condors, Lake Titicaca and of course the former heart of the Inca empire, Cuzco. Eat some typical Peruvian food and don`t forget the Peruvian pisco sour.