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July 2017, How to pack wise for your journey

Packing is an art and part of the art of travelling. Most important thing is understanding the place you are going to visit. Inform yourself about climate and wheater conditions, cultural dresscode recommendations, availability of laundry facilities, etc. Note that not all places at the equator or in the jungle are hot, does your destination support electricity, is there any climate difference between day and night? After a good investigation you can start your pre-adventure of packing.

Suitcase or bag
Let your destination choose for suitcase or bag. Do you have a lot of door-to-door transfers with limited walking, you can easily choose a suitcase. Do you have to walk a lot with your luggage over trails and dirt roads and difficult terrain, then a shoulderbag or even a backpack is a better idea.

Luggage limits
To avoid unexpected situations and problems, make sure you are aware of the luggage limits on your international and national flights and stick to them.
Health- and travel insurance
You can prevent a lot of problems by traveling with a good health- and travel insurance. The latter one will help you in case of illness of accident to be better insured abroad but also covers a luggage loss.
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Warm climate
- 3 t-shirts
- 1 blouse
- 1 pair of long trousers
- 2 pair of short trousers or skirts
- 1 set of decent clothes
- socks for 1 week
- underwear for 1 week
- swimwear
- 1 jacket
- 1 raincoat or poncho
- 1 sweater
Cold climate
- 3 t-shirts
- 1 blouse
- 2 pair of long trousers
- 1 set of decent clothes
- socks for 1 week
- underwear for 1 week
- swimwear
- 1 jacket
- wind stopper
- 1 rain coat
- 1 sweater
- 1 fleece
- mittens
- cap
- (video) camera
- (solar) chargers and (international) plugs
- telephone
- travel guide
- dictionary
- book
- notebook and pen
- binoculars
- walking shoes
- walking sticks
- repellent and sunscreen
- toiletries
- medicines (if you carry special ones or a lot, ask your doctor for a statement in English or the language of the country travelling to)
- towel
- slippers
- emergency kit
- debit- and credit card
- emergency phone numbers of banks, insurance companies, family etc.
- locks (at airports they may open your luggage. Use the special airport-proof locks)
- emergency repair kit with needle and wire, adhesive tape, glue, etc.
- entertainment articles

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