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Packing is an art and part of the art of travelling. Most important thing is understanding the place you are going to visit. [Read More…]

May 2017, Spectacular high Andean crossing ~/?x=entry:entry170629-094624 2017-06-29T09:46:24+00:00 2017-06-29T09:46:24+00:00

A recent experience.

I recently travelled a new spectacular route and I was surprised by so much great natural beauty and diversity, friendliness and kindness and a complete lack of troops of other travellers. [Read More…]

January 2017, Remote Cajon del Maipo ~/?x=entry:entry170628-160713 2017-06-28T16:07:13+00:00 2017-06-28T16:07:13+00:00

My sister wrote: trip to Maipo River.
Last January, I visited my sister and brother in law in Chile. They live in the capital Santiago. [Read More…]