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Environmental Policy

When visiting nature, never take anything with you except memories, never leave something behind except your footprints.

Cajon del Maipo

Why we care about environment/nature

The containing beauty and untouched nature of the land where we can share all these amazing experiences depends in a large part on the respect and care with which we treat it. Go Beyond Horizons does the utmost to keep the environmental impact of our tours to an absolute minimum. It is our vision: Create a sustainable platform for traveling in which both traveller and receiving country find their benefits. In this way, only we can continue enjoy the wonders that nature has to offer

Patagonian lupine

How minimize the impact on environment

We use well maintained vehicles to ensure less impact on nature. We ask our drivers when possible to turn off the engine. We discourage visitors to disturb animals for photo purposes, feed nor touch them. We encourage visitors to stay on marked trails, never take anything, never leave something behind. The guide will take his responsibility and will point out our environmental policy if necessary. In the office, we follow a print as less as necessary policy.